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What are the classifications of toilet faucets?


1. Basin faucet
The water outlet is shorter

The basin faucet is installed on the wash basin and is used to run cold and hot water or mixed hot and cold water. Basin faucet in the shape of the characteristic is that its outlet is shorter, lower, mainly for people to wash face, washing clothes. Its structure has screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type and so on. Good basin faucet valve body made of brass, the appearance of chrome plating and various colors of paint, a variety of shapes handle single handle type and double handle type, open with rotary, press, automatic induction type, etc.

2. Shower faucet
Large volume

Shower faucet is installed on the bathtub or bathroom wall faucet, it is generally large, there are two water outlet, one connected to the bathtub shower for you to shower, one connected to the faucet below the shower for water to the bathtub. At present, the shower faucet on the market is divided into two kinds with flower wine and without flower shower, flower wine with hose and embedded two kinds of shower faucet, shower faucet has a special variety, is dedicated to the faucet on the bathtub, the faucet is exquisite, the outlet has the water column, there is a waterfall, can be described as the aristocrat shower faucet.

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